Vision - the card spread analyzer!

The playing card recognition system for a new era in card magic.

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This is the main app which visually recognizes the playing card spread.

It was always my dream to have a system which recognizes the order of a shuffled deck of cards. When I started the project, I thought that it would be ok if the processing of the card spread takes around a minute or so. While working on the project I was very happy to see how much power an iPhone has. By optimizing my algorithms, I achieved a computation time of a fraction of second for a complete card-spread, which to me is still amazing.

Feature List

  • Detects any regular Bicycle / Phoenix Card Deck
  • Shows the missing card(s)
  • Indicates if duplicate cards exist
  • Several checking features
  • Card order can be sent to other apps like SD Poker or CardTrack
  • Card order can be transmitted to a webserver which can then be accessed by Vision:Tricks app
  • Different settings for what will be seen on the screen (including 'Stealth-Mode')
  • Jokers are not detected

And several more features ...

For the detection to work, the cards must be spread in an arc on a dark surface, with all indices fully visible.

This system is intended to be used by magicians and only for entertaining purposes!


This app provides tools and tricks, which make good use of the capabilities of Vision.

This app contains several tools / tricks and will be enhanced over time. Currently I'm working on several enhancements. It is great to see how much potential knowing the exact order of each playing card brings.

The first set of features will be freely available, so you can enjoy your purchase of Vision even more!

Feature List

  • Contains a Stack Manager, which allows you to manage several stacks.
  • Monitor, which gets the data from the web-server (intended for peeking)
  • Shows the missing card
  • Information about the last captured order
  • Red / Black Information
  • ... and many more ...

More features are in development and will be added later.

Further Infos

If you want find out more about Vision, please go to the hidden pages which are meant to be seen only by magicians by clicking on the button below: